Services Work Order

A Services Work Order puts in writing all instructions for an independent contractor to do what he or she is hired to do. You can use it in addition to an independent contractor agreement to provide more detail on the tasks at hand.

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It’s not uncommon for a business to run into a need to outsource, which most of the time means working with an independent contractor. For example, if you have a business premise, you might need maintenance, electrical services, or an external audit. You know you should use an independent contractor agreement. It’s just that the contract alone is sometimes not enough.

An independent contractor agreement outlines both parties’ responsibilities without going into detail about the work. When you add a Services Work Order into the mix, you can use it to list all of the tasks you want to get done.

What Is a Services Work Order?

A Services Work Order is used to give detailed instructions to an independent contractor. The work order is often issued after you have a separate contractual agreement or outsourced services agreement in place. As the name suggests, it contains explanations of the work ordered – in other words, just like any work order.

Also, if you have an agreement with an independent contractor for a specific task, you can order more work with a Services Work Order. If your deal is still valid, and if both parties agree, you can assign more tasks to the independent contractor with one or more Services Work Orders.

In the United States and many other places, anyone not your employee you’ve retained to do work for is an independent contractor. You can get a Services Work Order out to an individual or a company. If a company wants to hire an employee from one department to do something in another department, the management can use a Services Work Order.

Other Names for Services Work Order

Depending on your state, a Services Work Order may also be known as:

  • Work Order
  • Job Order
  • Emergency Work Order

Who Needs a Services Work Order

Those who have signed an independent contractor agreement with an independent contractor can use Services Work Orders to order more tasks. If your separate contractor agreement has not expired, you can always add additional functions with one or more Services Work Orders. Also, if your company wants to outsource, you can use the work order to explain the tasks in detail. Companies often use Services Work Orders when outsourcing cleaning services, maintenance, and other tasks requiring skilled workers.

A Services Work Order makes sense for both parties since the document, if adequately executed, defines all expectations in no uncertain terms.

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How to Create a Services Work Order with 360 Legal Forms

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What Information Will I Need to Create My Services Work Order

To create your document, please provide:

  • Date of the first Agreement: If you have a valid independent contractor agreement, this is where you enter the effective date of that document.
  • Date of Services Work Order: The date appearing on the work order.
  • Names of both parties: The legal name of your company and the independent contractor.
  • Contact information: Contact details for both parties.
  • Background: Supply the background information leading to the work order. The most common reason is both parties wanting to continue the independent contractor-client relationship.
  • Service Explanation: Give a brief explanation of the work that’s being ordered.
  • Compensation: The amount the client agreed to pay to the independent contractor.
  • Terms of Delivery: All the obligations on the part of the independent contractor and the client.
  • Contact Person: Each party should nominate a Contact Person in charge of correspondence.
  • Signatures: Both parties should sign the work order.

Services Work Order Terms

  • Service Agreement: An agreement with an independent contractor that companies usually execute before using a Services Work Order to order more work. Also known as a separate contractor agreement, it describes the relationship between an independent contractor and a client.

Services Work Order Signing Requirements

The Services Work Order doesn’t require notarization. Both parties only have to sign the document to make it legally enforceable. It can be a good idea for both parties to have a witness to the signing.

What to Do with Your Services Work Order

Both parties should keep a copy of the Services Work Order, and if you have a legal department or a corporate lawyer on retainer, it may be a good idea to forward a copy. If you want to assign more tasks to the independent contractor, you can always issue another Services Work Order.

Frequently Asked Questions

While a Services Work Order is issued by a client to an independent contractor, a purchase order is issued by a buyer to a supplier or vendor. A Services Work Order specifies the work that has to be done and, by the same token, a Purchase Order specifies all the details related to a purchase, such as item identifications, quantity, and shipment and payment terms.

As mentioned, you can issue a Services Work Order for almost any task and in every industry. Even so, this document is usually used by a company to order maintenance services, safety work, electrical work, cleaning services, and the like.

Most companies hire independent contractors for short-term tasks, as it’s more cost-effective than adding employees to the payroll. However, that doesn’t mean that a Services Work Order doesn’t allow you to create a longer-term relationship with an independent contractor whose work has been up to your expectation, but only up to a point. You can hire an independent contractor to do work for you every so often. But if you want to give them other tasks, you may need to create a new document. And, depending on your state and the amount of work, it may be illegal to hire an independent contractor to work for you every day without making him or her an employee.

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