Celebrity Endorsement Agreement

A Celebrity Endorsement Agreement outlines the terms of collaboration between a company/brand and an individual hired to promote its products or services.

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If you want to hire a celebrity to promote your service and product, you can't leave anything to chance. For both parties, it's essential to outline the terms of collaboration and avoid any misunderstanding. A Celebrity Endorsement Agreement helps you do that by making the expectations of both parties clear.

The agreement outlines what the celebrity endorser signed on to do for your product: seen with the product in public, take photos with it, and more. On the other hand, it also specifies the fee the celebrity gets for the services.

What Is a Celebrity Endorsement Agreement

A Celebrity Endorsement Agreement is a contract signed between an individual and a company or brand. The individual is usually someone well-known, at least in a particular field. Today, it could also be a person with a significant following on social media.

By signing the Celebrity Endorsement Agreement, the individual allows the company to use their name and likeness to promote its products. The agreement specifies the terms of the collaboration, including what the endorser is expected to do and receive. The obligations could include promoting the product, appearing in advertisements, attending press releases, and other events.

The agreement also specifies the fee the company agreed to pay in exchange for the celebrity's services. In this respect, it's essential to include warranties that could help you prevent or resolve potential problems in the future.

Other Names for Celebrity Endorsement Agreement

Depending on your state, a Celebrity Endorsement Agreement may also be known as:

  • Endorsement Agreement
  • Product Endorsement Agreement

Who Needs a Celebrity Endorsement Agreement

If you're a company hiring a celebrity or influencer to promote your products, you will want to protect your company and the other party with a Celebrity Endorsement Agreement. The document applies for all kinds of promotion, whether it's appearing in commercials, events, or getting seen with products in public.

Companies and brands usually sign Celebrity Endorsement Agreements with well-known athletes, singers, or actors. However, more and more brands are entering into this agreement with internet influencers and celebrities. So, even if you are hiring a local micro-influencer, it can be a good idea to sign a Celebrity Endorsement Agreement.

On the other hand, if you're an influencer or a well-known person in your community, and someone asks you for a collaboration, you should always insist on defining your relationship with such an agreement. It helps outline expectations and responsibilities and avoids problems with payments or intellectual property rights.

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How to Create a Celebrity Endorsement Agreement with 360 Legal Forms

Our website helps you create a Celebrity Endorsement Agreement quickly and easily, even if you have never made such a document before. All you have to do is find a template and fill in the relevant information. As you can see, each template can be customized depending on what you need.

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What Information Will I Need to Create My Celebrity Endorsement Agreement

To create your document, please provide:

  • Effective Date: The date when the agreement becomes effective.
  • Company Name and Company Number: Company details and registration number.
  • Registered Office: The official address of your company.
  • Celebrity Name: Name and personal information of the person hired to promote a product.
  • Background: Briefly describe how the company came to hire a particular celebrity and what they are known for.
  • Monetary Amount: A fee the company is paying the star for promoting its product.
  • Obligations of the Celebrity: Outline all the responsibilities the celebrity has.
  • Obligations of the Company: Outline all the duties the company has.
  • Confidential Information: Explain if there is any personal information that must be kept private.
  • Intellectual Property and Moral Rights: Outline for what purposes and period the company is allowed to use the celebrity's image and likeness.
  • Other Expenses: Outline who is responsible for additional expenses, such as travel and accommodation expenses.

Celebrity Endorsement Agreement Terms

  • Intellectual Property Rights: Rights to use patents, designs, business names, internet domains, and other recognized forms of intellectual property for a range of purposes and a period as authorized by the rights owner
  • Royalties: Monetary compensation pledged to a person for using something they patented or published

Celebrity Endorsement Agreement Signing Requirements

A Celebrity Endorsement Agreement doesn't have to be notarized, although we highly suggest doing so. If something goes wrong, it can be challenging to prove the terms of your collaboration unless you signed the agreement in the presence of a notary public or your lawyer.

What to Do with Your Celebrity Endorsement Agreement

Once you've downloaded your Celebrity Endorsement Agreement, print at least two copies and sign both of them. Both parties should keep a copy of the document, and you may give another copy to your lawyer. If a problem occurs during the collaboration, the first step is to remind the other party of the agreement's terms. This document can help you resolve any issues privately and avoid costly legal proceedings.

Frequently Asked Questions

“Celebrity” is not an official title but a relative term used to describe any person that you may hire to promote your products or services. The person does not have to be famous nationwide and can be just somebody well-known in your local community or the internet.

Yes, if you want to hire a minor to promote your company's product or services, you should sign a Celebrity Endorsement Agreement, but not necessarily with the minor. Most states do not legally recognize a minor’s contractual obligations, so you will actually be entering into the agreement with the minor’s parent or legal guardian.

The terms of the Celebrity Endorsement Agreement depend on your industry and the campaign that you have in mind. The terms can be custom, but they usually include things like appearing in public or at the company's events, talking about your product in public, and publishing photos of your product on social media.

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