Notice of Termination (by Landlord)(old)

A Notice of Termination is sent by a landlord to a tenant about a declarative end to the tenancy agreement.

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Notice of Termination (by Landlord)

What Is a Notice of Termination?

As a residential lease is about to expire, the landlord may decide to offer the tenant a chance to renew the lease or unilaterally terminate it. In the case of the latter, the landlord would send the tenant a Notice of Termination.

With this notice, the landlord also affords the tenant enough time to find a new place. If the landlord-tenant relationship is month to month, the common practice on the landlord's part is to send the Notice of Termination 30 days before the next renewal.

In the event of a fixed-term lease, the courtesy period may be longer. Check your state's laws for the specifics, especially if you live in a state with stronger regulations, as some states require a 90-day notice.

Landlords send a Notice of Termination as a standard procedure to end a current relationship with a tenant. The notice can serve as a supporting document in court in the event of an eviction procedure.

Other Names for Notice of Termination

Depending on your state, a Notice of Termination may also be known as:

  • Early Lease Termination Letter
  • Notice of Lease Termination
  • Notice to End Tenancy
  • Notice of Terminating Tenancy
  • Termination Notice

Who Needs a Notice of Termination by Landlord?

Landlords who would like to get their rental property back rather than renew an expiring lease agreement need a Notice of Termination to notify the tenant of the decision. On the other hand, if it is the tenant that has come to this decision, he or she could issue a Notice of Termination by Tenant.

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How to Create a Notice of Termination With 360 Legal Forms

When creating your Notice of Termination, the best course of action is to follow the local landlord-tenant laws. You can rely on 360 Legal Forms to help you get it right.

With our extensive library of attorney-vetted legal forms, the process is fast and easy. All you have to do is fill out our easy-to-understand questionnaire. Once complete, simply download your form as a PDF or Word document from your secure online account.

What Information Will I Need to Create My Notice of Termination?

To create your document, please provide:

  • Landlord Information: The legal name of the landlord, their address, and contact number
  • Tenant Information: The legal name of the tenants, their address, and contact number
  • Premises Information: The address and standard description of the rental property
  • Lease Details: The starting and end dates of the lease agreement
  • Termination Reasons: Specify the reason for the termination
  • Inspection Dates: Specify the dates when you, as the landlord, would like to inspect the rental property for the security deposit refund
  • Deadline: The date on which the tenant has to vacate the rental property.

Notice of Termination (by Landlord) Terms

  • Method of Delivery: How the landlord proposes to deliver the notice to the tenant, most commonly in person, by mail or email, or to be served by another individual or party
  • Deadline: The date by which the tenant is to vacate the rented property without penalties
  • Landlord-Tenant Laws: The laws that govern landlord and tenant relationships, most commonly on a state or county level

Notice of Termination Signing Requirements

The landlord has to sign the Notice of Termination before delivering it to the tenant. It might also have to be signed by any party other than the landlord who is to deliver the notice to the tenant. Notarization is not required.

What to Do With Your Notice of Termination?

After printing out and signing the Notice of Termination, the landlord should arrange to have one copy delivered to the tenant and keep a copy of the document for record-keeping.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, landlords cannot use a Notice of Termination (by Landlord) to terminate a lease before it expires, at least not without penalties.

Tenants can also choose to formally notify a landlord of their decision to vacate the rental property. They would use a Notice of Termination (by Tenant), which can be delivered in person, by mail or email, or with a shipping company.

Commonly, landlords will send a Notice of Termination if they would like to rent the property to someone other than the current tenant. They might also want to sell the property, do renovations, or house a relative.

Generally, a Notice of Termination should be sent at least 30 days before the lease agreement expires. Most likely, the landlord already knows what they would like to do with the property. If they intend to rent it out to another tenant, the landlord may start their search after sending the notice. The 30-day notice is a common courtesy to allow the tenant time to find somewhere else to stay.


Although a notice of termination does not have to be notarized, it must be signed by both the landlord and whoever delivers the notice to the tenant (if applicable). 

Please Note: The use of a notary ensures that no one challenges any signatures later and is a secure way to firmly establish the effectiveness of your document.

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