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A document showing evidence that rent was paid for a specific period of time.

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Both parties to a lease benefit from accurate record keeping. Documenting how much has been paid upon the receipt of each payment can prevent future disputes between the landlord and tenant. Although there are several methods to keep track of this information, creating a Rent Receipt ensures that all the pertinent details for each payment will be recorded.

Frequently Asked Questions


A document showing evidence that rent was paid for a specific period of time.

Landlords may want to issue rent receipts to their Tenants to:


  • Satisfy State or Local Requirements – Certain jurisdictions may require landlords to issue rent receipts for every payment under a lease. 


  • Prevent Future Disputes – By keeping accurate records of the rent received each period, it will be less likely that there will be a serious question regarding nonpayment.

This rent receipt is a simple document that includes:


  • Rent Receipt Table – The top half of the document is a table containing details regarding the payment of rent, such as the period the rent covers, the amount owed, and the amount received.


  • Acknowledgment– The landlord or their representative acknowledges the payment by the tenant by signing the bottom portion of the document. The tenant should sign the receipt if they aren’t paying the full amount of rent.


Our propriety form generator will assist you in creating your customized Rent Receipt within minutes. Answering the questions is not complicated – you only fill in the requested information and we will put it together for you.


Once you complete the questionnaire and place your order, it will be available for immediate download in either PDF or Word document from your secure online account including a step-by-step guide on how to use your document.   


Generally, a rent receipt does not need to be notarized – both parties only need to sign the document to make it legally enforceable. A witness may be helpful if the other party attempts to contest the document, but a notary is not necessary.


Please Note: The use of a notary ensures that no one challenges any signatures later and is a secure way to firmly establish the effectiveness of your document.