Free Residential Lease Termination Agreement

An agreement to cancel an existing residential lease before the scheduled date of termination contained in the lease.

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Suppose a tenant wants to get out of a lease before its set to expire: under the conditions of the lease, they have already agreed to make rent payments up until the term ends, so they can’t just move out and expect to be off the hook for future payments. However, if the landlord is willing, a Residential Lease Termination Agreement may be executed to handle this situation. By signing a Residential Lease Termination Agreement, both parties release each other’s obligations under the lease. 


Although the tenant may be required to pay a lease termination fee, the creation of a Residential Lease Termination Agreement may end up being more economically beneficial to both the landlord and tenant. It allows the tenant to pay a lesser amount than the total amount owed for rent for the remainder of the lease, and it gives the landlord compensation and the opportunity to release the premises. 

Frequently Asked Questions


An agreement to cancel an existing residential lease before the scheduled date of termination contained in the lease.


This document may be used to cancel a Residential Lease for any reason IF the landlord and tenant are in agreement.

To create your agreement, provide:

  • Effective Date – Give the date this agreement will go into effect.

  • Landlord Details – Provide the name of the landlord and the identity of the individual signing the agreement for the landlord.

  • Tenant Details – Provide the name of all tenant(s) listed on the lease.

  • Date of Vacation – Give the date by which the tenants must be out of the leased premises.

  • Leased Premises – List the address of the leased premises.

  • Lease Details – Enter the date the lease was originally signed, the date it began, and the date it was originally set to expire.

  • Reason for Termination – You have the option to specify why the lease is being terminated.

  • Security Deposit – Indicate whether a security deposit was made at the beginning of the lease term, and how much of that security deposit remains.

  • Termination Fee – List any amount was required to be paid by the tenant to the landlord in exchange for entering into this agreement.

  • Forwarding Address – You have the option to provide a forwarding address for the tenant through this agreement.

Generally, a residential lease termination agreement does not need to be notarized – the landlord and tenants only need to sign the agreement. A witness may be helpful if the other party attempts to contest the document, but a notary is not necessary.


Please Note: The use of a notary ensures that no one challenges any signatures later and is a secure way to firmly establish the effectiveness of your document.