Child Travel Consent

A Child Travel Consent is required to cover all bases and legally allow a minor to travel with one of the parents or with a third party.

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Children are in the care of their parents or guardians. However, if relatives such as grandparents, aunts, uncles, and perhaps friends of the family wish to take the child on a trip, they will need a Child Travel Consent.

For whichever form of travel is planned, you will likely run into a need to prove that the child's parents or legal guardians have given their consent.

What Is Child Travel Consent?

A Child Travel Consent serves as proof that the child is authorized by the parents or legal guardians to travel with the accompanying adult. On top of that, parents who are separated or going through a divorce will also need a Child Travel Consent from the child's parent sharing custody.

Even temporary guardians ought to make an effort to obtain a Child Travel Consent, the purpose of which is to ensure the child's safety just in case someone took them without the consent of the parents.

Other Names for Child Travel Consent

Depending on your state, a Child Travel Consent may also be known as:

  • Child Travel Consent Letter
  • Parental Consent Form
  • Travel Permission Letter
  • Consent Letter for Children Traveling Abroad
  • Consent to Minor Traveling Without Parents
  • Affidavit of Consent for Children Traveling Abroad

Who Needs a Child Travel Consent?

Obtaining or giving a Child Travel Consent is standard practice when a child is to go on a school trip with their classmates, for whom the teacher will be the responsible adult. The consent could also be necessary if anyone, not the parent or guardian, takes the child on a trip of any kind. Airlines will, without fail, ask for a Child Travel Consent if a traveling minor is known or suspected to be traveling with non-parents or -guardians.

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How to Create a Child Travel Consent with 360 Legal Forms

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What Information Will I Need to Create My Child Travel Consent?

To create your document, please provide:

  • Parents' Details: The name of the custodial parents or guardians.
  • Child Details: The legal name of the child, date, and place of birth, and passport details.
  • Itinerary: Describe the itinerary with travel dates, routes, and destinations.
  • Purpose: Describe why the child is traveling.
  • Other Travel Details: For instance, is the child traveling alone and or accompanied.
  • Responsible Adult: The information of the adult companion authorized to travel with the child.
  • Emergency Contact: The name and contact information of the person to call in an emergency.
  • Additional Details: Any vital info about the child, including special needs, allergies, and more.
  • Witness: The name of the witness to the signature.
  • Signatures: Depending on the situation, one or both parents should sign the form.

Child Travel Consent Terms

  • Affidavit: A sworn statement admissible in judicial proceedings.
  • Consent: Permission.
  • Medical Power of Attorney: An authorization to have someone act as an attorney-in-fact who can make medical decisions on behalf of the issuer.
  • Birth Certificate: A document containing a person's date, place, and time of birth.
  • Sole Custody: A type of custody agreement where one parent has full custody of the child.
  • Guardian: In the context of a Child Travel Consent, this is a legal guardian of the child who has legal authorities to make decisions for the child.

Child Travel Consent Signing Requirements

The parents or guardians should sign the Child Travel Consent in front of a notary public. Even in a jurisdiction that does not require notarization, the minor can travel somewhere where necessary, especially international travel.

What to Do with Your Child Travel Consent?

After you have printed out the consent and gotten it signed and notarized, you should hand it over to the person traveling with and responsible for the minor.

Frequently Asked Questions

The parents or guardians of a minor child can use a child medical consent to authorize a third party to make medical decisions on behalf of the child. The right normally belongs to the
parents or guardians so a Child Medical Consent is only needed if the child is in the care of a relative or friend for the duration, which can come in handy in the event of a medical emergency.

The answer will first depend on whether the child is traveling domestically or internationally. Domestically, unaccompanied minors are not specifically regulated, which does not mean that an airline company would not have rules of its own. The standard practice is that minors aged 12 to 15 can travel independently of parental consent. For international travel, you will be hard-pressed to find an airline that would allow a minor to travel with non-parents without a Child Travel Consent.

Quite simply, you might have to prove that you are indeed a parent. This can be accomplished with a copy of the birth certificate or marriage certificate. In the case of an adopted child, you may want to have the adoption papers around.

Without a Child Travel Consent, you may not be able to go very far with a minor child in tow who is not your charge. It is unlikely that you will be allowed to board a plane or pass a law enforcement checkpoint.

Typically, the Child Travel Consent required for domestic travel requires fewer details than the one for international travel. The common thread is that both must make clear the granting of consent to travel. If you and the child are traveling abroad with a domestic layover, you might need both versions of the consent.

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