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A persuasive letter sent to address an issue you have with the intended recipient. It is typically used by consumers and sent to businesses.

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Suppose you are biting into a delicious snack cake only to be met with a big chunk of wax paper. Or perhaps you purchased a bicycle that fell apart the second time you took it out for a spin. You could file a defective product lawsuit, but that would likely be costly and time consuming. What you may consider as an alternative is sending the business a Complaint Letter.


The Complaint Letter is a simple, but powerful legal document that is sent to inform a business that a product or service they provided was defective. It gives the recipient a chance to correct a mistake without the need for legal action.

Frequently Asked Questions

A complaint letter is sent to address an issue you have with the products or services of a business.

If you have experienced a problem with a product or service, sending a complaint letter to the purveyor of those products/services puts the recipient on notice that there is a problem with their products/services, preserves your legal rights, and offers an alternate way to correct the deficiency.

A complaint letter is fairly straightforward and includes the following:

  • The sender’s contact information;
  • The recipient’s contact information;
  • The date and method of delivery of the letter;
  • The type of complaint;
    • The 360LegalForms complaint letter is designed with consumer complaints in mind. However, you may use it for other complaints as the template is fairly broad. 
  • The nature of the complaint;
  • You will need to describe the how the products/services were deficient. Give as much detail as necessary to allow the recipient to correct the problem.
  • A proposed remedy;
  • Describe the action you want the recipient to take to correct the deficient products/services. Examples include “full reimbursement of the product/service,” “repair of the product,” and “replacement of the product.”
  • Potential consequences; and
    • Select whether or not you will pursue legal action if the other party fails to correct the mistake.
  • Additional documentation
    • You may consider enclosing evidence of the product/service’s deficiency with your complaint letter. This supplemental evidence will increase the chance the recipient will comply with your request.

No, a complaint letter does not need to be notarized, you only need to sign and mail the document to make it legally valid.

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