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A demand letter is a formal written demand for the party to which the letter is directed towards to perform their legal obligation by a specified deadline as outlined by the letter.

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Suppose you sold your old car to an acquaintance, but the check they gave you bounced. Or perhaps you paid a company to come remove debris from your property two weeks ago, but they never showed up to do their job. In these and several other situations, your legal recourse may begin with a Demand Letter.


The Demand Letter is a simple, but powerful legal document that is sent to warn the recipient that if they do not comply with their legal obligation, you are within your rights to pursue legal action.

Frequently Asked Questions

A demand letter is a formal written demand for one party to perform a legal obligation.

If a party has failed to take an action that they have a legal obligation to perform, you may send this letter to:

  • Coerce the Action – If you think the noncomplying party may correct their behavior under the threat of legal proceedings, you should consider using this demand letter.
  • Satisfy Court Requirements – Some courts require a demand letter to be sent before legal action can be taken against the noncomplying party.

A demand letter is fairly straightforward and includes the following:

  • The sender’s contact information;
  • The recipient’s contact information;
  • The date and method of delivery;
  • The action you are demanding;
    • If you are demanding the repayment of a debt, you will also need to specify if there are any late charges, bank fees, or interest to be added to the amount due.
    • If a late charge is being added, you will have to specify how the late fee is calculated. The form generator gives you three options:
      • A) Specific Amount refers to a one-time flat fee added to the total amount owed.
      • B) Percentage Based on Balance Due is a late charge that is specifically calculated based on a percentage of the original debt owed.
      • C) Percentage of Payment Due is similar to the previous type of late charge, but harsher as it takes any interest owed on the debt into account.
  • The deadline for the action to be taken; and
    • To demonstrate to the receiving party that you are committed to following through, you need to provide a deadline for the demanded action and the consequences that will result from the receiving party’s failure to perform.
  • Additional documentation
    • You may consider enclosing evidence of the product/service’s deficiency with your complaint letter. This supplemental evidence will increase the chance the recipient will comply with your demand.
    • Documentation can be anything from a preexisting contract to a letter from the bank regarding a bounced check.

No, a demand letter does not need to be notarized, you only need to sign and mail the document to make it legally valid.

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