Employee Exit Interview

An Employee Exit Interview Form is a document that summarizes employee feedback about a company from which they have decided to move on.

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At one point or another, employees leave their companies for greener pastures or other reasons. At this point, performing an exit interview can significantly value the company losing the employee. The people in charge of the company can use the form to determine the reasons for the employee’s departure and any positive or negative experiences of note during the employee’s time at the company.

With the help of Employee Exit Interview Forms, your HR department can standardize exit interviews and gather actionable data, your company can use to improve employee satisfaction and minimize turnover.

What Is an Employee Exit Interview Form?

An Employee Exit Interview Form is a template containing all relevant aspects of an employee’s departure. It is used during an exit interview to retrieve an understanding of why an employee chose to terminate their employment at a company.

Said company can aggregate the data in Employee Exit Interview Forms to identify any positive and negative patterns concerning human resources and more to improve upon. There is no standard form, nor is it required by law, which only means a company can adapt the form to their specific needs.

Other Names for an Employee Exit Interview Form

There is not another commonly used name for an Employee Exit Interview Form.

Who Needs an Employee Exit Interview Form?

Employee Exit Interview Forms can be highly beneficial to any company, especially those with many employees. The same is true for companies beset with high employee turnovers, which may interest them to identify potential areas of improvement with Employee Exit Interview Forms.

Paired with employee satisfaction surveys, Employee Exit Interview Forms can be a trove of information your company can use to improve performance. A well-drafted form is more likely to elicit honest feedback you can use to retain more employees.

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How to Create an Employee Exit Interview Form with 360 Legal Forms

Even though you can create your own Employee Exit Interview Form, it is best to go with a tried-and-true template. You can adapt it to your needs without missing any critical elements.

Let 360 Legal Forms help with our extensive library of attorney-vetted legal forms. The process is fast and easy. All you have to do is fill out our easy-to-understand questionnaire. Once complete, simply download your form as a PDF or Word document from your secure online account.

What Information Will I Need to Create My Employee Exit Interview Form?

Some of the useful details include:

  • Employee details: Personal information about the employee

  • Current position: The last position held by the employee before leaving

  • Start date: Date when the employee joined the organization

  • End date: Date of employment termination

  • Division: The company department to which the employee belonged

  • Supervisor details: Name and position of the employee’s direct supervisor

  • Interview details: Name of the HR professional conducting the interview

Employee Exit Interview Form Terms

  • Working conditions: The settings where the employee performed their job

  • Fairness of workload: An employee’s subjective assessment of how fairly the workload was distributed

  • Employee benefits: Material or immaterial compensation extraneous to the regular pay

  • Abolition: Elimination of a position for just or sufficient reasons

  • Advancement opportunities: The upward mobility of an employee within an organization

  • Code of Conduct: A set of rules and responsibilities that outline appropriate behavior within an organization

Employee Exit Interview Form Signing Requirements

There is not a law in the United States, directly regulating exit interviews. It is recommended to have the interviewer, employee, and direct supervisor sign the form. If nothing else, it may ensure all relevant parties are aware of the feedback.

What to Do with Your Employee Exit Interview Form

Once an Employee Exit Interview Form is completed, and the interview is over, assess the answers and discuss them with upper management and HR. It’s best to have a system in place to collect and aggregate all data gleaned on these forms for a comprehensive overview of the feedback obtained from all former employees.

If you notice any recurring pattern in the feedback, whether negative or positive, it is worth addressing or promoting it as appropriate. It may help you retain more employees and increase their satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, exit interviews are voluntary and not required in any US jurisdiction. However, they can be a very valuable practice that informs you about your company’s human resources and general performance. It may not be required but it is certainly recommended.

You are free to structure your interview in any way such that the content of the form depends on the information that you want to collect. Generally speaking, the form should at least ask for the reasons for departure and contain a survey for collecting employee opinions on all the relevant aspects of their work.

The best way to hold exit interviews is in person. This allows you to gain a deeper understanding of why an employee decided to leave. Alternatively, you can contact your employee over the phone or send them an Employee Exit Interview Form in the mail.

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