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An employee non-compete agreement is a legally enforceable contract that prevents employees from competing with their employer.

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The business world can be fairly competitive and your company daily faces multiple contenders in a bid for the best customers. You should not have to also deal with competing against former employees who have a leg up because of information learned during their time with your business - add a layer of protection for your business with an Employee Non-Compete Agreement.


Using an Employee Non-Compete Agreement protects sensitive company information from being improperly used by former employees during their employment and beyond. 

Frequently Asked Questions


An employee non-compete agreement is a legally binding agreement that restricts an employee from competing against his/her employer.

The non-compete agreement offers legal protection for your business against any current or former employee who might try to use sensitive and confidential information for his/her professional advantage. The document blocks any employee from using privileged company information to compete against you professionally. 

The non-compete agreement provides written documentation for both the company and the employee regarding the parameters of this policy and the legal recourse should the agreement be violated.


To create your agreement, provide:

  • Effective Date: Select the date the agreement will be signed.

  • Governing State: Select which state’s law applies to this agreement.

  • Employer Details: Give the name, company type, state of formation, and representative identity for the employer.

  • Employee Details: Provide the name of the employee.

  • Consideration: Indicate when the non-compete agreement is being executed. If the agreement is being executed after the employment relationship has begun, some sort of incentive for signing the agreement should be specified.

  • Post-Employment Non-Competition: Indicate whether the employee will be required to refrain from competing with the employer after the employment relationship ends.

  • Non-Compete Geographic Scope: Describe the area where the employee will not be allowed to compete with the Employer under the terms of this agreement

  • Non-Solicitation Covenant: The non-compete agreement can contain an optional non-solicitation clause. The non-solicitation clause prevents the employee from poaching your clients, independent contractors, other employees, and affiliates. The non-solicitation clause is not limited to a geographic area.



This document may or may not be legally binding, depending on your location since some jurisdictions do not enforce non-compete agreements. For example, states like California, Montana, North Dakota, and Oklahoma almost completely prohibit such agreements. Other jurisdictions may not enforce a non-compete agreement if they believe it is too broadly restrictive. 


It is best to check with your state and local laws to determine what legal coverage your business may have regarding a non-compete agreement



Our propriety form generator will assist you in creating your customized Employee Non-Compete Agreement within minutes. Answering the questions is not complicated – you only fill in the requested information and we will put it together for you.


Once you complete the questionnaire and place your order, it will be available for immediate download in either PDF or Word document from your secure online account including a step-by-step guide on how to use your document. 

Generally, an employee non-compete agreement does not need to be notarized – you only need to sign the document to make it legally enforceable. A witness may be helpful if the other party attempts to contest the document, but a notary is not necessary. 


Please Note: The use of a notary ensures that no one challenges any signatures later and is a secure way to firmly establish the effectiveness of your document.


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