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If you are part of a corporation, LLC, or non-profit organization, chances are pretty good that you have meetings - whether regular, special, or annual meetings, your directors/members/shareholders are brought together periodically to make decisions for the company/organization. The decisions and information discussed during any of these meetings are important and should be recorded as Meeting Minutes. 


Think of Meeting Minutes as what they are - notes taken during a meeting so they can be saved and filed for future reference. Corporations and non-profit organizations are actually required by law to have Meeting Minutes on file of any meeting that takes place.

Frequently Asked Questions


Meeting minutes are notes taken in real time, as a meeting is taking place. The secretary of an organization is generally responsible for filling in the meeting minutes form, including very specific language for each section. 

  1. Entity information: You’ll include the type of entity holding the meeting and its name. 

  2. Meeting details: Document the frequency of the meeting, when it’s taking place, and where, including denoting if it’s a conference call or an in-person meeting.

  3. Attendees: There will be a section to list who is in attendance, who is absent, the chairperson and secretary of the meeting, and any guests.

  4. Topics: The meat of the document is filled in here, as the discussion takes place. 

  5. Motions, objections, and announcements: Be sure to document who makes and seconds motions, raises objections or shares announcements. 

  6. Next meeting: There is a section to fill in the details of the next meeting set, to help serve as notice for all present, and who will receive the minutes in writing.


It is a good idea to record all official meetings where decisions will be made that affect the organization. Detailed meeting minutes will settle disputes about when decisions were made, by whom, and specific topics discussed. 



Corporations and non-profit organizations are required to keep meeting minutes. LLCs, partnerships, and other types of businesses are not required to have meeting minutes on file, but it is highly recommended since the minutes are documented proof of information and decisions discussed in the meeting.


Our propriety form generator will assist you in creating your customized Meeting Minutes within minutes. Answering the questions is not complicated – you only fill in the requested information and we will put it together for you.

Once you complete the questionnaire and place your order, it will be available for immediate download in either PDF or Word document from your secure online account including a step-by-step guide on how to use your document.


Generally, meeting minutes do not need to be notarized. A witness may be helpful if the other party attempts to deny anything recorded in the document, but a notary is not necessary for Meeting Minutes.


Please Note: The use of a notary ensures that no one challenges any signatures later and is a secure way to firmly establish the effectiveness of your document.