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An Email Acceptable Use Policy is a document outlining the expectations and requirements placed upon employee’s use of their work email.

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Even if you are not an “online” company, chances are your company still does a fair amount of business electronically through emails. If there is a possibility that your employees may share sensitive company information through emails, you may want to have a policy in place that dictates how business email accounts and business information can be used. You can achieve this through an Email Acceptable Use Policy.

Implementing an Email Acceptable Use Policy communicates your expectations regarding company email use to your employees. Having one in place protects you from the actions of those who violate the policy. 

Frequently Asked Questions


An email acceptable use policy form is a legal document that provides employees with specific guidance about their rights and responsibilities regarding the use of company email accounts.




Using an email acceptable use policy form is the best way to clarify the terms and responsibilities of using your company’s email to your employees/contractors. You can outline policy terms specific to your business, including whether messages will be monitored. 

 To create your Email Acceptable Use Policy, provide:

  1. Company details: The name and contact information of the person outlining the policy for the company.

  2. Scope of acceptable usage: List acceptable manners of using email for work purposes. Denote the employee is responsible for ensuring their emails don’t break the law or create unnecessary risk for the company. 

  3. Unacceptable usage: List behaviors considered unacceptable in regards to using company email. This list might include forwarding confidential information externally, creating or sharing anything considered lewd, obscene, pornographic, discriminatory, offensive, abusive or that could be seen as harassment. 

  4. Monitoring: Share if the company will use monitoring software, or if the company reserves the right to install such software for legitimate purposes. 

  5. Sanctions: You can specify what happens if an employee fails to comply. 


Our propriety form generator will assist you in creating your customized Email Acceptable Use Policy within minutes. Answering the questions is not complicated – you only fill in the requested information and we will put it together for you.

Once you complete the questionnaire and place your order, it will be available for immediate download in either PDF or Word document from your secure online account including a step-by-step guide on how to use your document. 


Generally, an email acceptable use policy does not need to be notarized. If you include an employee acknowledgement section at the end of the document, then your employees should sign and return the form to you, but these signatures do not need notarization.